Got Cornmeal?

Penny's Pizza is a place that's a local staple!

Here's Why

Locals nearly rioted when this pizza speakeasy shut down a few years ago, and then greeted its reopening like the Rapture. Penny’s keeps strange hours, so you’ll have to show up Thursday through Sunday for its thin, crisp pies with perfect, pocked and cornmeal-dusted crusts. And don’t expect anything fancy; this is just a couple kids and the ovens, delicious sweet-tart red sauce, and a white version with rich, creamy ricotta tucked beneath good mozzarella and sprinkled with salty, tasty sautèed garlic. Like all good speakeasies, you enter through a back door hidden from the street. Unlike most speakeasies, Penny’s has a sign. Penny’s has been a fixture in the Limerick community for over forty years. With a reputation for a deliciously crunchy and unique cornmeal crust and a homemade sweet sauce, our pizzas are one of a kind.

We are also well known for our traditionally made “upside down” pizzas. You don’t have to eat it that way, though. Just take a slice as you normally would, and enjoy!

Calzone and Stromboli